Migration running away from war and poverty

Environmental Education Activity

Students visited the Wynne Farm Nature Reserve in Kenscoff and saw firsthand, composting methods, vertical planting, and different planting techniques. They also saw alternative environmentally friendly buildings, one made from Bamboo, one from recycled styrofoam plates and one from earth filled bags used in place of bricks. There were also endangered species of plants and birds.

Bamboo House

Vertical planting


Students in green House

Montessori-activities of the Peter-Hesse-Foundation in Jan. and Feb. 2017

A workshop for teachers to make reading materials for their classrooms was held on January 13th and 14th at the Foundation's residential training in Liancourt. The workshop was attended by teachers who started new schools as well as teachers from schools in the areas which was affected by hurricane Matthew and had to replace their water damaged materials.

Teachers making reading materiels for their classroom -dann Text "On the 20thJ Jan."

The First Secretary of the German Embassy, in Haiti, Frau Stefanie Kestler, visited our teacher training center in Liancourt on 8 February. Madame Kestler expressed her satisfaction in the work being carried out by the Foundation. She has visited two of our partner preschools i n the past and appreciates the results of having well-trained teachers.

Stefanie Kestler in Liancourt

We made technical visits to three schools so far this year in Jan. + Feb.

1- Institution du Bon Pasteur, in Lasserre-commune, Croix des Bouquets a new school which opened in October 2016. The school was opened by the Kernizan family, whose sons attended the Peter Hesse Foundation's demonstration preschool 25 years ago, and are now working professionals. The family wanted the children in their area to benefit from the same education as their sons. The Foundation was happy to help them by giving furniture, and materials for the school, as well as scholarships to train their teachers.

At the institution du Bon Pasteur, in Lasserre

3- Institution Academique Irick St Cyr in Gonaives which opened in 2014

2- Institution Mixte les Soeurs Losier '''Melcar''' in Croix-deBouquets, which opened in October 2015.

On the 20th January Ecologist Jane Wynne conducted a workshop on the environment with student-teachers who are currently enrolled in the Montessori teacher training course. Jane Wynne addressed the issues of finding positive solutions to help children realize their potential influence on the environment. Student-teachers learned that it is necessary to protect the environment since environmental degradation is a critical concern in Haiti, and not only poses a serious threat to lives and livelihoods, but the widespread deforestation, particularly in the hillsides, has led to flooding, dramatic rates of soil erosion, and subsequent declines in agricultural productivity.

2 months after the Hurricane in Bareau, Les Cayes

"Yesterday I went to our partner school in Bereau for a modest Christmas celebration. I was truly shocked to see the appalling conditions there. House after house without their roofs, broken trees and make-shift dwellings. What I felt saddest about were the children at our Christmas celebration. Only one boy smiled during the whole thing, but all the children lacked energy and sat quietly on their chairs during the whole thing.
When I got home in the evening, my husband asked my son who went with me to Bereau, 'How was the trip?' My son replied that the children were very quiet. I could not bring myself to tell him that the children were quiet because they were hungry.
I know this is a very personal note for a web site, but I feel that I needed to share it. We can't help everyone, but we are going to buy food staples for the children and their families in the school. Most of the crops in the area were also lost so we are going to give seeds as well."
Carol Guy-James Barratt

Preparing for the school-party

Child with gift

Humble Christmas celebration

New Promotion of Students 2016/2017 in the CENTRE MONTESSORI D'HAITI.

34 students enrolled in the teacher training course for the academic year 2016/17 which began in Mid October. The students will participate in both theoretical and practical activities which will allow them to qualify as Montessori pre-school teachers or Montessori classroom assistants.
We at the Peter-Hesse-Foundation-HAITI are happy to increase the number of trained teachers since more than 50% of teachers who are teaching in Haiti, lack adequate teacher training or have had no training at all.

Carol informs from Haiti: Here are first details - including photos - from the recent hurricane damage to one of our project schools in Haiti:

The Montessori school in Bereau Les Cayes, has been completely destroyed. All that is left is the front part of the entrance of the school. We are thankful that no one was injured or lost their lives. We have to hold up this good thought in our hands to give ourselves courage.

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